Thursday, December 17, 2009

The New World Order


As out from the mount of Zion
There came a thunderous roar
The Angels cried: “Hosanna!
Woe to the threshing floor.”

And the voice-of-many-waters surged
From out the Mercy Seat;
Words of thunder and of lightening
On the quake of prancing feet.

And the Angels knelt in Heaven
To cringe ‘neath a quivering wing;
Bearing the woe of those below
That this nu-clear thing would bring.
When, on thunder hoofs with mighty roar
The Lion-Mounted-Charger bore
From out the Atom, rimmed with fire,
In bloodied vestures, red with ire.

As comets did His banners sheen,
In purple, crimson, emerald green;
In light as bright to shadow man:
The blazon shield of Heaven’s span.

With fiery eyes and flaming mien,
From out the cloud; His glory seen.
To query man his rightful task:
“Where is thy brother, m a a a a y I ask!”

Your God is a consuming fire . ~Heb. 12:29 .

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