Monday, July 6, 2009

Demise of our Republican form of goverment.

14, 2009
Demise of our Republican form of goverment.

“Our Founding Fathers predicted the inevitable demise of their republican form of government, which is presently upon us: ‘It takes time, observed John Jay, to make Sovereigns of Subjects and for them to realize that the government is their own.'
'The Republic will degenerate into a democracy with the politicians promising largess and the people voting their own self-interest,' quipped Madison.
'The lawyers will get into Congress to manage the Constitution, license paper money and pillage the treasury,' remarked Amos Singletary.
'The Supreme Court judges, ignorant of its historical setting, will be unable to interpret the Constitution and the original intent of its provisions; and there will arise a two-party system, divided along economic interests, leading to deadlock as the public good is disregarded in the conflict of rival parties,” opined Madison. Re: The Federalist Papers, en essentia.

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